Friday, September 02, 2016

Writers Victoria and Geelong Qriters workshop

Geelong Writers and Writers Victoria Present
Writing Workshop with Toni Jordon
at Belmont Library
on Saturday 24th September 10am to 4pm. 

N.B. You book and pay Writers Victoria by the link:
Presented in association with Geelong Writers. Supported by the Grace Marion Wilson Trust.Details about Workshop  By Toni JordanFiction Essentials: Point of View, Tense and Beginnings
Fiction writers use many exciting, experimental and unusual techniques - but for now, let’s get the foundation right.
You can write better fiction if you choose the best point of view and control it elegantly and logically. The tense of your piece also shouldn’t be random, but a deliberate decision that takes into account your natural voice and the requirements of your story. And your first two pages should grab your reader and not let them go.
You will learn
The strengths and weaknesses of various first-, second- and third-person points of view and how to control them.
The strengths and weaknesses of various past, present and future tenses and how to control them.
Which kind of beginning suits you and your story best. 


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