Saturday, October 15, 2016

TIM WINTON'S The Boy Behind the Curtain

The Boy Behind the Curtain is a beautiful object, with clear space around many of its chapters, as if you might want to pause, or ease them apart to hand on to your friends. And it opens up space around Winton’s other works, not in terms of delineating direct lines from him to his characters or his plots, but via the living and mutable concordance that shimmers between a writer’s life, their passions and their interests, and the stories they go on to make. He “rose to adulthood on a tide of story,” as he writes in Twice on Sundays, and he made it his business to write. About working for places like Ningaloo. About people like Oriel Lamb in Cloudstreet, or Ort Flack in That Eye, The Sky. About strange apparitions in Ireland. About all of this and more.


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