Thursday, September 30, 2004

Cassandra 'Traveling Miles'

As workmen bend domiciles around me to the shape of their owners' dreams (with weapons of mass demolition) I'm trying to listen to Cassandra Wilson singing tracks either composed by Miles Davis or played by him. It's titled Traveling Miles, and is a brilliant CD, given to me as a gift by Murray Jennings for a milestone of some sort recently. My favourite track is ... changing everyday. Some of the titles that Miles' fans will be familiar with include Run The Voodoo Down, Time After Time - yeah, the Cyndi Lauper one - Seven Steps to Heaven, Someday My Prince Will Come - She does take a few lisences, like renaming tracks, so Blue In Green becomes Sky and Sea, and Tutu becomes Resurrection Blues ... But she tells you this, and puts the old title in brackets behind the new ... It is a wonderful CD from Capitol Records (1999). Go listen - I think you'll buy it.

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