Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Gwen Harwood Competition

Hurry! Deadline fast approaching for entry into the Gwen Harwood Poetry Competition. Details and entry form available at http://www.islandmag.com

I met Gwen over here in Perth once when she was visiting our writers' festival as a guest. The schools had bussed in loads of senior high school students, and their teachers were enjoying a day in the sun out of the classroom. No doubt they expected Gwen to 'do' In The Park and Suburban Sonnet - but the mischievous Ms Harwood read parodies of her work instead! I must say I was disappointed too, but after so many years of being asked for the same poems and reading them time after time, I can see her position as well. She IS a great poet. Enter the competition in her memory. I do hope you get second prize ...


Anonymous said...

hi andrew

read the grono poem seriously and nodded and wrinkled my brow (to demonstrate to myself i was reading seriously) until i got to the last stanza -

The 'logues of life lick by
In their passion and spit.
At midnight it comes down to this:
A last shout and a quick digress.

- and i smiled. that's a little beauty. reminded me instantly of auden.



Anonymous said...

I'll be bookmarking this page, to be sure to be sure!

- liv =)