Thursday, September 23, 2004

day one

Today I was looking at Jill Jones blog Ruby Street and wished to comment on something she'd said. So I pressed buttons with my usual amount of care - none. Here I am with a 'blog'. Go figure.

So now to fill it with meaningful comment. I'm mostly into poetry and poetics, so that'll be the main focus, but my recent sojourn into novel writing may lend some sidelights about the relationship between prose, poetry and the 'real' world. These are my concerns on a daily basis, so drop in occasionally and see what I'm ranting about, meditating on, or shamelessly stealing.



Jill Jones said...

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to blogdom. I'll be looking forward to the comments you were going to make on my blog before you got diverted into Hi Spirits.


Jennifer Compton said...

I just came to say hi - and had to sign in - and got offered a blog spot. NOT quite ready to blog yet. But more power to your elbow!

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew, welcome to blogging.

Cassie :)

Ivy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. We hope you enjoy your stay. :-)