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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


A friend of mine sent me this, but didn't say where it came from. If you know, maybe you could tell me. (The second and fourth lines of each verse are meant to be indented, but I can't get it to do this here. Sorry.)

Familiar Lines

THE boy stood on the burning deck,
His fleece was white as snow;
He stuck a feather in his hat,
John Anderson, my Jo!

"Come back, come back," he cried in grief,
From India's coral strands,
The frost is on the pumpkin and
The village smithy stands.

Am I a soldier of the cross
From many a boundless plain?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Where saints immortal reign?

Ye banks and braes o' bonny Doon
Across the sands o' Dee,
Can you forget that night in June --
My country, 'tis of thee!

Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
We're saddest when we sing,
To beard the lion in his den --
To set before the king.

Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound,
And phoebus gins arise;
All mimsy were the borogroves
To mansions in the skies.


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