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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Poems! Poems! Poems!

Over at 'poetryetc', a list which encourages talk about contemporary and ancient poetics and poems and poets, we write a weekly poem on a Wednesday - and because they are meant to be instant diary entries of where we are at as individuals throughout the world, they are called 'snapshots'. I've posted a few here of mine over the last couple of months - but now you can go to one site and see dozens of poems written this way by over 40 poets! From Canada, Iceland, England, America, Italy, New Zealand and both sides of Australia, the poets send forth little messages tied to the legs of virtual pigeons, and here they alight. The hardworking person who put them altogether is Alison Croggon, to who I offer thanks. (It would just sound too lardy-bloody-dah to say 'to whom', so put the red pen down, Chalkie).

Here's the pathway there -


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