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Sunday, February 20, 2005

'Word Thirst' Announcement

WordThirst literary magazine
Issue 3
Available from BJ Thomason <>
A$9 plus postage.

A few highlights, in order of appearance:

An intriguing novel extract from Andrew Burke. "Now, N phones me, just as I am using her in a novel."

Kevin Gillam's poems, the most experimental in the magazine, are light at first glance, then reveal layers of meaning. "... serendipity. dressed as thievery. thin / on the inside."

Three poems by Joanna Hall - more layers of meaning. "strike out for me lance me / lay me down not bleeding"

A story all in monologues, by Roger Horton. Very effectively done. "Night falling. Soon it will be time to be getting out on the street. How many tonight, I wonder."

Four of my (Janet Jackson) weird poems! "the healing highrise hellfire of your hands"

An amusing short story from Matthew Jessett. "'That's the last time you piss in the house you filthy bitch,' he hissed."

Two well-crafted poems about life and death, from Flora Smith. "... the day / death changes me, takes me, / breaks me and rearranges me"

Janet Jackson

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