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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doug Barbour's WEDNESDAYS' has appeared above/ground

I often think of the thousands of poetry books produced by small presses around the world in all the world's various tongues, and wonder what happens to them. My little books appear here in a flourish and I am excited, have a party, read poems from them to anyone who will stand still long enough, and (sometimes) get reviews in low-figure subscription magazines or in the barely-read arts pages of the everyday press. When I die, will they be an embarrassment to my children? What the hell do you do with Dad's old books? My eldest son is about to have his first book published, so maybe he will care and give them a graceful exit in some way. It is a sunny Sunday, another spring is around the corner, I must think positively - perhaps some collector will keep a complete collection somewhere and hope to cash in, mysteriously, some day.

So, here I promote my Canadian friend Doug Barbour's latest collection in the hope that people from side-pockets of the world will order it, savour it, and keep it alive on the planet for decades to come. Go now and buy. Only 200 copies and he has at least that many friends, a big family and many students. Be nibble, be quick. Go to -

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