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Friday, August 08, 2008

Poets Partners at Pages Cafe 16th August 2008

From the desk of Frances Macauley Forde:

Andrew Burke writes for stage, page, screen and ear and, has a PhD in Writing from ECU. He’s taught in China, The Kimberley, currently at FAWWA doing workshops but is about to go off to Broome for a month as a Writer in Residence. BUT FIRST he will guest host Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe and invite well-known WA Poet Partners and writers:

Glen Phillips & Rita Tognini

Marcella Polain & Mike Williams

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi & N.J (Jim) Cornish

Andrew Taylor & Beate Josephi

It promises to be an interesting and inspiring afternoon.
We begin at 2pm so get your 1st coffees in early.
OPEN MIC is cancelled.

Further Information: Frances Macaulay Forde

Many thanks, as always, to PAGES CAFE and the WA STATE LIBRARY for their on-going support of POETS CORNER.

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