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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poetry of the Sacred - reading & performance

Title: Poetry of the Sacred
Date: Sunday 7th September
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
Venue: St John's Church in the Square, Fremantle
Cost: Free
Poets: Local Poets, their friends & supporters, will read their own poems & the poetry of others.
Details: We invite poets, poetry lovers and readers to submit poems for inclusion.
Music and refreshments.
Enquiries: Patrick Speed: 9370 1151, 0400 231 591,

What do we mean by “Sacred”?

Well, if we segue down to the theme given above, it will include

Poems of hope through despair
Poems of gladness
Poems that express both the finiteness of life and the infinity beyond life
Poems about God and the Wholly Other
Poems about the absence of God, of doubt and scepticism
Poems about the sacredness of space, of the world, of all living things
Poems about me and about you
Poems that say YES and poems that ask questions
Poems (in the Great Tradition) and Songs of Innocence & Experience

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