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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day in the Life

My chest clenches
and I fumble in my pocket
for the Nitrolingual spray.

I’m walking
my dog and damaged heart
through the trees.

You can watch just so much
television, you can nap
just so many hours

then you itch
to do things, simple things
like stretch your legs

and walk.
I stand under a tree
to catch its breath.

A fine mist
is working its way
through dank slums

to open the way ahead.
Zimmy sits at my feet, tongue
hanging out like

a flag at half mast.
‘Come on,’ I say, ‘let’s go.’

1 comment:

Coral Carter said...

You are joining me for breakfast today. At my keyboard I am eating my muesli laced with psyllium. Your blog is a course of its own.