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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hot news: Rae Armantrout wins the Pulitzer Prize for 'VERSED'

I am absolutely knocked out that one of my favourite poets on the planet today has won such a prestigious - and, I would have thought, conservative - prize. Rae Armantrout is an adventurer with thought and language. One quote I think explains a lot about her process:

". . . it’s all right to be unsure. There’s something powerful . . . in not being quite certain of what you’re seeing. Is there something in that shadow? This is often how we experience the world, why shouldn’t it be how we experience a poem?" Rae Armantrout

And doesn't her face in that photo intrigue you into reading her verse? Order 'Versed' now - and then go web surfing for poems and readings. It's a good day for poetry, I tell you.

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