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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Get your ticket for the Last Station

A fine movie. Some critics have said it was disjointed - rubbish. It took a few minutes to get your bearings, but then the richness of all the characters took hold and the plot (based on the last weeks of Tolstoy's life) grabbed me. I laughed and cried; I learnt some things I didn't know before, I related to some of the philosophy, and (in a narrative sense)to the domestic upheavals.

I'd encourage anyone to see it that is at all interested in literature. It may also work as a passionate love story for those who know nought of Russian literature.


Barbara Temperton said...

I doubt this film is ever coming up to Geraldton. I've got it on my list for my next visit to Perth (May, I hope it is still screening then). Thanks for the nod, Andrew.

Andrew said...

I hope is still going then! Some films seem to linger for ever and others come and go with indecent speed. Maybe there is some rental schedule of fees that makes cinemas react without an eye to the movie's popularity. I think this one will be popular with viewers who think beyond the Hollywood formula.