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Friday, October 29, 2010

Candice Ward, poet and friend - RIP

Friend, poet and academic - plus music nut - Candice Ward died suddenly this week. I know no other details as yet. I am very sad, having spent many years in email conversation with her on poetryetc and editing an online anthology together. The way I can acknowledge her best is to quote a poem from her Wild Honey Press chapbook, The Moon Sees The One - full details at

The Moon Sees the One

I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me
And the Moon sees the one
I long to see

(children's song)

You'll find your ignorance is blissful
Every goddamn time

(Tom Waits,"Heart Attack & Vine")

the moon sees to night at the end
of its rope, beached to blot
by remote the one way back

a baker's blank so white, so late
as the face on magritte's mother
undercover still a looker (me

with my aptitude for pathos-
of-distance learning): listen,
duckling, it goes for the throat

thrush or strep, whistle-stopped
as the little red train makes
tracks, makes history of us

putting a saint in it and pulling
away, while overhead the night
gowns for cover (her face)

all wet but none the wiser than
what is /is/ left of memory: your
darrow songs, my debs rebellion

for in your father's house
of cheats are too many
dimensions---and the moon

looks on, indifferent to
its own mystery, to
the children gazing back

from an orphan age
already history

Candice Ward

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