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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Perth Poetry Club today - a slam dunking success

On the bill today at the Perth Poetry Club at The Moon Cafe in Northbridge, was KEN HUDSON and BELOWSKY - two performance poets of very different backgrounds. Ken Hundson has been a published poet for many decades in Australia, a true voice of the younger brigade in the 6os and 70s before his other career took him away from writing, and a new interest in songwriting diverted his talents. Belowsky has been around the Western World, sharing the stage as a poet with many 'big' names on the poetry reading circuit. He is a card all right, a trickster. an unashamedly loud and 'in your face' poet with a mix of vernaculars to spit out the particulars of worldwide events and celebrity characters - a famous NYC gangster and Muhammad Ali for starters. He kept us up to date with his advertising voice-over career, telling the tale of his part in an ad campaign for a new chilled drink about to be launched in our local media. (After many decades in adland myself, I was eager for the poetry part of his act.)

Here's a smattering of photos from the afternoon. Ken H is in the black&white shirt, and Belowsky is the spirited bald man. Neil Pattinson, compere and poet, is the man with the clipboard in hand, and Ron Greenwood kept the audience entertained until the sound operator arrived.

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