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Friday, October 15, 2010

CREATRIX 11 Next deadline - 10th November for the December issue


We accept a maximum of three poems per poet, open theme, up to 60 lines, though shorter poems are preferred.

Submissions are by email only to sent in the body of the email or as an attachment. Please submit your poems single-spaced, preferably in one document, either in .rtf or .doc file, with the words "online submission and your surname ” in the subject line.

Selectors, editors and administrators for poetry, are Peter Jeffery, Anne Dyson, Sally Clarke, Chris Palazzolo, Veronica Lake, and Jeremy Balius.

We are looking for good quality, well-crafted poetry; there is no guarantee all submitted poems will be accepted.

We accept prize-winning or previously published work, with appropriate acknowledgements.

At this stage, publication is for WA Poets Inc members only.

Currently, we cannot pay contributors, but your poetry will be showcased.

Copyright of material in Creatrix remains with individual contributors and cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from the authors.

The selectors, editors and administrators for Haiku are Maureen Sexton and Rose Van Son.

To avoid disappointment, please follow the submission guidelines.

Haiku Submission Guidelines

* Please send between 2 and 10 haiku for each issue submission.
* Email your submission to with ‘haiku submission and your surname ’ in the subject line, with all haiku in the body of the email only (ie no attachments).
* At this stage, publication is for WA Poets Inc member poets only. You don't have to live in WA to become a member.
* Brevity is the key element in haiku. Around 12 syllables or less is ideal, but we will accept up to 17 syllables.
* In 1, 2, 3 or possibly 4 lines. Three lines is the most common setting out in English language haiku.
* That preferably does not use poetic tools, such as simile, metaphor, rhyming, punctuation (except perhaps a dash to mark a grammatical break), capital letters (except Proper nouns), titles, personification, abstract images and language.
* Haiku capture a moment in time, therefore need to be written in present tense.
* That preferably infers an awe or a reverence of nature and uses a nature reference, however, we will also accept modern haiku that doesn’t necessarily refer to nature.
* That relates to the senses.
* Juxtaposition of two images is preferable, but we will accept single image haiku as well.
* We are looking for the 'aha' factor.
* We will also accept senryu, which is similar to haiku, but emphasises humour and human foibles instead of seasons.

WA Poets Inc
PO Box 684
Inglewood WA 6932

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