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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

from the Perth Poetry Club -

"We've managed to prise him away from his desk for an afternoon for your enjoyment, so make the most of this rare opportunity to hear prizewinning poet MURRAY JENNINGS. Brought to you by Perth Poetry Club, at The Moon, 323 William Street, Northbridge, 2 to 4 pm. Open mike as always - all welcome. Murray will read his poetry in two sets, so if you want to hear it all, don't be late!

MURRAY JENNINGS, whose lush voice those old enough may remenber from ABC radio, is a onetime winner of the Tom Collins Poetry Prize and a very enjoyable reader. We haven't seen him much lately because he's been working on a novel, but he's coming out from behind his desk to read for us on the 27th.

He says... he has come too far with the novel he’s writing, to pay attention to the predictions of doom for books. He doesn’t care if it is published only as unscrambled digital images in little plastic boxes, as long as it’s accepted and marketed...and read by at least 3,000
people, which is about all you can expect in this country. But he won’t own an e-book, himself. He still writes poetry occasionally, and there's a good deal of poetry in the novel."

Other events coming up in Perth Poetry:

What: Cottonmouth XXI meets Amnesty for ARTillery Spoken Word
When: 6pm Sunday 5 December 2010
Where: The William Street Bird, 181 William St, Northbridge
How much: $10 - all proceeds raised go to Amnesty International
Guest list to be announced.

Voicebox: Special night of international poetry and music for International Human Rights Day: Mon 6 December.

Fringe Gallery: is NOT on the last Sunday of November. Their end-of-year bash is on 17 December.

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