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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Section of a poem by Karen An-Hwei Lee

You're not such a bad poem. I often grow fonder of poems once thought lost, no matter what rough shape they're in. It's you again. I thought you'd left.

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mickomea said...

Dear Andrew
I like the Karen An-Hwei Lee poem, but it is not my reason for commenting. (Though, come to think of it, which I did a few lines down and so came back to create this parenthesis, it does remind me of slouching towards Bethlehem, the word "rough", I think.) I really just wanted to contact you. We spoke briefly after your gig (which I interrupted, you may remember when I mention it) at the QPF in August. I won't elaborate here in public, out of some delicacy probably out of place in a Facebook world. I hoped you might have an email option on the blog, but I can't see one. My email is and I would like to let you have a look at a poem I wrote recently and some exchanges of thoughts arising from it which I had with Graham Nunn.
Michael O'Neill