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Monday, September 12, 2011

Orchid Poems by Amanda Joy

Just as it is impossible to show you a real-life image of this book's imaginative cut-corner format, with an orchid on pollen yellow in its peek-a-boo corner, so it is difficult to pin-down the luscious sensuousness of these thoughtful yet erotic poems. Well, yes, that may describe it in part, but it is a poetic you must read and enjoy to fully appreciate.

from Ghost Orchid -

The room is a dense garden of her
smell, soon he will have to say
something, soon she will reach
from under the blanket for his

Lovers of the lovers whispering
agitato in their sleep somewhere

Slick twinned legs of the Ghost
Orchid, still one with root
and nectar spur tongued by moths
who wont strive
to outlive themselves

Everyday language? Almost. But lots of wet-lip sss here and that wonderful waltz-like swirl in the rhythm when we say 'agitato' - so physical, so sensual, so musical. This music runs in the sprockets of Amanda's imagery in poem after poem. As Robert Adamson so succinctly says on the blurb, 'each poem [has] static electricity between form and flower crackles and flows ...'

Another tight and strong collection from Mulla Mulla Press the new kid on the poetry publishing block in Australia. You can buy Orchid Poems by Amanda Joy at Indie bookshops around Perth or by mail from


Coral Carter said...

you are a gem Andrew....

Amanda Joy said...

Oh Andrew!

Thank you for such a lovely response to the book!
I'm humbled. It is a really nice looking book isn't it?