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Sunday, September 04, 2011

'Remains To Be Seen' by HALVARD JOHNSON - Free and Online for you to view now!

Remains To Be Seen is a NEW and expanding collection of poems by HALVARD JOHNSON, free to view and download on your computer through Vida Loca Books.

Here's Hal :: If you'd like to read over my shoulder (or even whisper comments in my ear), please feel free to do so. The collection (new poems and old) draws on many other collections both in print and online over the years.

This is not one of those slender volumes of verse you've heard so much about. It will be as large and various as all outdoors. It will be subject to change, but what isn't?

One of the busiest poets in cyberspace, Hal is founding editor and 'owner' of Truck, a lively poetry magazine online at TRUCK changes editor every month (intentionally!) so you're certain to be entertained no matter what your taste at various times of the year! I'll be in the driver's seat for November, but right now it is Michael Tod Edgerton

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Halvard Johnson said...

Just thought I'd mention that Remains To Be Seen is, at the moment, up in three volumes. Links to the other two are at the bottom or end of each. All are subject to change.