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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My dining partner at Lunch today

This handsome bird joined me for lunch today at McDonalds on the yacht club pen lines at Gold Coast apartments, an hour out of central Hong Kong (if there is such a thing). Why was I eating Maccas in HK when there is so much good Asian food around? Because I was searching for a good coffee, and heard that was the best I can do around here. Not bad, but not brilliant. McCafe here is truly a step-up from ones in Australia.
Speaking of food, I had a delicious Chinese dish yesterday at Kowloon Cricket Club. My son, who is national cricket coach for Hong Kong, took me there. It will be the venue for the international cricket tournament starting Friday and being contested over the weekend - the Hong Kong Sixes. It has a whole new set of rules, etc, so I am intrigued to see it. Check out more at

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