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Monday, October 17, 2011

Submissions: dotdotdash Issue 9: Recursive

Event Description

Get meta. Get self-referential. Repeat yourself (repeat yourself). Write it
 out by hand and then rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite. Reclaim your
childhood cursive. Be self-conscious about everything. (But we accept
non-themed work, too.)
The dotdotdash Recursive Poetry Competition

dotdotdash is hosting a competition! In the spirit of the Recursive theme,
we are looking for sestinas, pantoums and villanelles to publish in our
ninth issue. While these forms of poetry are not ‘recursive’ in the
strictest sense of the word, we are interested in the limitations (and
possibilities) created by the repetition of particular words and phrases.
 The competition’s first prize is a choice of $250 or three reference texts,
 with the winner and four honourable mentions receiving publication
 indotdotdash Issue 9. There is an entry fee of $5 per poem. For more
 details, please check the competition guidelines.
But don’t forget our regular submission categories – guidelines for
 submitting poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction and visual art can be found.
All submissions will close on 24 October 2011 at 5pm (West
Australian Time).

Submission Guidelines   

Competition Guidelines

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