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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore celebrates a decade of fine writing online

QLRS is worth a gold medal for surviving through the thick and thin of literary fads and politics! Here's one quote from an article and announcement of their 10th anniversary celebrations:

"You always need a platform for new poets to push out their poems or existing poets to share new poems. We can never have enough short stories, too," said Yong,44, a Singapore Literature Prize recipient.

QLRS began a decade ago as an online alternative platform for writers, one that played second fiddle to the seemingly more prestigious idea of being published on the printed page. But Yong thinks that the online magazine's importance goes beyond the online versus print argument.


POETS GALORE. Quarterly Literary Review Singapore's (from left) founder and poetry editor Toh Hsien Min, essay editor Yong Shu Hong and short story editor Yeow Kai Chai. PHOTO COURTESY YONG SHU HOONG


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