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Friday, December 30, 2011

Aime Cesaire's 'Solar Throat Slashed'

beautiful musician
unclothed at the foot of a tree
amidst the lost harmonies
close to our defeated memories
amidst our hands of defeat
and peoples of a strength strange
we let our eyes hang
and native
loosing the leading-rein of a sorrow
we wept.

                   - Aime Cesaire

Solar Throat Slashed

The Unexpurgated 1948 Edition

Aimé Césaire; A. James Arnold, 
ed.; Clayton Eshleman, ed.; 
A. James Arnold, trans.; 
Clayton Eshleman, trans.

Wesleyan University Press

2011 • 172 pp. 6 x 9"

Poetry / Literary Criticism -
French / Colonialism; Post-Colonialism

$26.95 Hardcover, 978-0-8195-7070-3

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