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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Introducing Rochford Street Review - New Australian Writing

About Rochford Street Review

Rochford Street Review is an occasional free on-line review of new Australian writing – with an emphasis on poetry and small press publications. We will aim to publish around three or four new reviews each month and will attempt to cover as many publications (both traditional and on-line) as we can.

If you are a publisher, no matter how small, we would appreciate being added to your mailing list and/or receiving a review copy (either hard copy or electronic – please email us for our postal address).

We are also looking for reviewers – unfortunately we are not in a position to pay for contributions – but we can provide you with a great platform to share your passion for Australian writing. If you are interested in reviewing for us please email us in the first instance.

Rochford Street Review is edited by Mark Roberts and can be contacted at

Follow us on Twitter: Follow @RochfordSReview

You may also be interested in Mark’s other website– a collection of his reviews, articles and interviews over the past 30 years.


Diabetic Snacker said...

I wish you would add Italian Cookbooks to your list of "to be reviewed" items you want. Because I'd love to review cookbooks for your site if it is possible in the future. My site is

Andrew said...

Hi Spirits doesn't need it. Maybe ask Rochford St Review