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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Musiqa examines the link between music and language in poetic show

"Music and words are absolutely related," Brandt explains. "I hope to prove that children acquire language from the music slice of speech, then proceed to apprehend the meaning of it. The world begins as a concert.
"The implications of such sound come second. My theory is that music is the stepping stone from which language is acquired. Music then develops into its own art form."
That's an interesting quote from an article on music and words, using the poetry of Robert Creeley and Tagore (not together, I believe). We may never hear this performance but it is interesting nevertheless to imagine the use of such words in a musical setting. I have a CD of Robert Creeley reading with the music of ...  This uses words and music and dance in aq vibrant mix I wish I could enjoy. Maybe it will appear somewhere - on YouTube or DVD.
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