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Friday, January 13, 2012

A poem from 2008 (he's now a young wag) ...

Poem for my (second) grandson 

the price of petrol is up again
but you’re not going anywhere:

you lie
snug in your hospital crib,
visitors 3 to 8pm, Mother’s milk

on tap
and a wardrobe mistress to attend to
those messier moments. This

is life
on the outside.
Takes a little getting used to, I’ll admit.

A word in
your shell-like:
always own toys,

shine a light
on skeletons in
or out of the dark,

and make it a habit to sing in the bath.
From history, learn to create
the future.

Now, go forth.
I think you are ready.

1 comment:

Barbara Temperton said...

Lovely, Andrew. And congratulations!