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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adrienne Rich has died at 82

Feminist, mother, and award-winning US poet and essayist, Adrienne Rich has died from complications stemming from rheumatoid arthritis . I am in Hobart so I am well away from my desk and library, so I suggest you Google her name and read on at US news sites. I read it first at the LA Times site. No doubt, Ron Silliman will post a good mention on his blog at

Sad day. Read a Rich poem today in tribute.

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Hagemann Helen said...

Oh no, that's such sad news, Andrew. At the moment I'm doing online poetry workshops and suggested a poem to a classmate. I said you must read 'The Roofwalker' by Adrienne Rich. She was the first poet I studied at uni, I'll never forget her brilliance.
Helen H