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Monday, March 05, 2012

A WCW Red Wheelbarrow prompt

Here's William Carlos Williams famous red wheelbarrow, from and used as illustration for an article on his homeliness at

Here I thought we could use it as a prompt - Write a poem about a faithful servant, an old object in the grounds of where you live. & don't write about a partner! 

If you can't get the hispirits comments panel to work (and some can't - I think you have to be a blogger or at least Google account holder) then send your poem to burkeandre(at)gmail(dot)com, within 'Prompt' somewhere in the subject line.

 Parodies of the original are also welcome.

1 comment:

Lampoet said...

Not sure exactly what you're looking for with this post, but here's a poem I wrote a couple years ago...

To My Rusty Red Wheelbarrow

If so much depends
on the fucking
red wheelbarrow
why not head over
to Walmart
and buy yourself
another? -- is the
backyard mantra
I mutter to myself
all afternoon long

But the message
I really want
to leave behind is --
be damned –
you must take
nothing for granted

And remember
so much more
on the trusty red shovel
and strong sturdy back
without which the
red wheelbarrow would
only continue to gather
rust in the rain