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Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Undercover of Lightness' launched at Hobart Bookshop last Thursday

Ralph Wessman of Walleah Press orchestrated a warm-hearted launch for my new book, 'Undercover of Lightness: New & Selected Poems' at the popular (and historic) city venue, The Hobart Book Shop 22 Salamanca Square, owned and operated by Chris Pearce and Janet Grecian

The book was launched (delightfully) by Philomena van Rijswijk, poet and scholar.

Some candid photos follow. If you were there on the evening (about thirty people attended) and took some shots, please share them with us - contact me here or at burkeandre(at)gmail(dot)com 

Jeanette Burke and Jess Williams

Susan Austin and Ralph Wessman

Frank Clarke and Chifley (obscured)

Jane Williams and Susan Austin (Chif obsc'd)

More to come. Photos and names. But for now, lunch! 

Perth launch to come - hold on to yr hats!

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