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Saturday, April 07, 2012

And a good time was had by all! Perth Poetry Club Today

by Anna Korintz

A great afternoons poetry at Perth Poetry Club today. The egalitarian philosophy of founder and poet Janet Jackson was never better illustrated than with today's list of poets and poems from rhyming couplets to classic ghazals. Among the crowd poets Jan Napier, Patricia Sully, Zan Ross, Murray Jennings, Neil Pattinson, Ken Hudson, Danny Gunzburg, Glen Phillips, Maggie van Putten, Steve Cole, Mardi May (special guest), Peter Bibby, Patricia Kelly, Nathan Hondros, Vin Heffernan, Chris, Jonny, and a young man in black JC. 

Visiting from London radio somewhere was an old friend from way back in the early 70's, Brian Hayes. Good to see you in Perth, Brian, if only fleetingly.

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