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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Australian Poetry and Jazz with Allan Browne

Conjuror: poems by Allan Browne
ISBN 978-0-9807362-2-9
$29.95 Purchase online >
You may know him as a jazz drummer, patron of Stonnington Jazz, mentor of young musicians, recipient of a lung transplant. You may have heard him waxing lyrical at a gig at Bennetts Lane in Melbourne during his 18 year residency there. And you may have read his poems on some of the 110 CDs released with his name on them.
Conjuror collects 70 pieces by poetic auto-didact Browne into one volume. The poetry was written over 40 years. The verses speak of jazz and its doctors, home and hearth, love and life, music and this mad, mad world.  Seven poems from the collection frame the music on On it, Browne’s long standing sextet (see personnel below) swing in 7 tunes that mix contemporary and classic jazz with poetry.
You may know many things about Allan Browne, but Conjuror holds some wonderful surprises.
Conjuror at Melbourne International Jazz FestivalConjuror is to be launched on Monday 4 June 2012 at Melbourne International Jazz Festival with the Allan Browne Sextet.
Or join in on Wednesday 6 June at Uptown Jazz Cafe, with the Allan Browne trio.
Companion CD features Eugene Ball (trumpet), Geoff Hughes (guitar), Nick Haywood (acoustic bass), Marc Hannaford (piano), Phil Noy (alto sax) and Allan Browne (drums)

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