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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'In a Single Gesture' by Alan Loney

from the Nawakum Press site:

In a Single Gesture
by Alan Loney
Alan Loney has developed an international reputation as a poet, writer of prose and criticism, publisher, and as a fine press printer. He is the 2011 recipient of the Janet Frame Award for Poetry in New Zealand for lifetime achievement, and previously won the 1976 New Zealand Book Award for poetry with his collection Dear Mondrian. Loney has printed over fifty books of his own work and the work of other poets. His Hawk Press (1974-83), Black Light Press (1987-91), and Holloway Press (1994-98) have given voice to the smallest nuances of his creative expressions and those of other poets.

In A Single Gesture is a sequence of 24 poems manifesting as one, connected by a single calligraphic line drawn by Judy Detrick through the entire sixteen-foot length of the accordion style binding. Poetry of thoughtful feeling from the outset, as Loney himself describes it, the work draws inspiration from ancient Greek poets and philosophers. Each poem's first line has been selected from an original Greek text and translated by the poet. Expanding on the essence of these first lines, each poem then resonates with immediate personal relevance in a style both self reflective and circumspect, in a manner that is crisp, fragmented, erudite and uniquely Loney.
30 copies, of which 24 are for sale. Letterpress printed on mould-made Somerset Book and handmade Cave Paper, the book is 32 pages which measure 61/2 by 12 inches. Jason Dewinetz of Greenboathouse Press designed the edition. 

The text is Brioso Pro, designed by Robert Slimbach. California calligrapher Judy Detrick illustrated the text with a calligraphic line, printed letterpress, running throughout the entire length of the book. Patrick Reagh printed the text and covers from polymer plates.The accordion bindings and clamshell boxes were produced by John DeMerritt. Publication price: $700.00  Order >

 Andrew: Check the book out at the site - beautiful! 

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