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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Penguin releases BUSHRANGERS

Nope, not poetry, not jazz or cricket - just a new Penguin book that looks downright interesting. Ever since I was knee high to a chook I've been interested in Australia's bushrangers. Sure, I watched cowboys and indians at the flicks, wore six shooters on each hip and spurs on my school shoes after school, but that was only because good material on bushrangers was hard to find in the Fifties! 

Here's the publicity blurb from the Penguin Newsletter about this book:



From the first convict runaways to the spectacular showdown that ended Ned Kelly's career, Evan McHugh delivers true tales of daring exploits and audacious deeds.
These are incredible stories of the men - and women - who achieved fame not just by what they did, but by the way they did it. There are those who lifted themselves from downtrodden underdogs to heroes, such as Bold Jack Donohue, brave Ben Hall and Captain Thunderbolt as well as villains like Pearce the Cannibal and Mad Dog' Morgan.

Bushrangers is as fast paced as a stolen thoroughbred and as arresting as a squad of troopers. Through extensive first-hand accounts and gripping detail about Australia's lawless past, bestselling author Evan McHugh brings a life cast of roguish characters who blazed their way into Australian history.

Read a good BUSHRANGERS extract HERE.

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