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Monday, July 16, 2012

Regime 01 is in the starting blocks - Get ready ...

Regime 01 >> 27 August 2012

Getting set to launch: We're pleased to announce that Regime 01, the first edition of the magazine of writing published by the Regime Books collective, will be launched at The Bird on Monday 27 August 2012, 6pm. Please reserve the date in your diary.

The Editors have been amazed at the quality of the work in the first edition. Here is the full list of the great writing you can expect.


Andrew Burke - Notebook 'singing they sang'
Virginia Jealous - Oiling the decks
Amanda Joy - Conjoined
Barnaby Smith - Autopsy (Song for the CBD)
Matt Davies - Fifty-Dollars a Dance
Adrian Flavell - peak-hour
Warrick Wynne - Map of Cannons Creek
Rosalee Kiely - 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'
Christopher Konrad - Apology of a Lyricist
Yannis Hondros - Abrolhos Man
Peter Jeffery - We Are Half Cousin to the Fish
Toby Davidson - Sunset, Cottesloe
Richard James Allen - The Secret Oeuvre of Our Man On the Street
Robbie Coburn - There Are No Strangers
Lorne Johnson - Visionary
Andrew Bifield - After the Bucks' Night
Mike Greenacre - Skeleton
Aaron Furnell - Crack Den Delight
Gail Willems - Tripped Out
Helga Jermy - Second Skin
Sophie Curzon-Siggers - selkie child
Flora Smith - Swan River Colonist
Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne - Memories are our Truest Heirlooms
Janet Jackson - there
Zan Ross - Historical Leathers
Ian C. Smith - Water Sports (for Jordan)
Jan Napier - Childhood Diabetes

Short Stories

Ari Mattes - The Toys Do Not Speak
Petri Ivalo Sinda - The Sound of Biological Functions
Kailash Srinivasan - Deo Volente
Chris Palazzolo - Appointment with an Orphic Headhunter
Harold Mally - My Wife, the Novelist
Damon Lockwood - City Rubber Stamps
Julia Osborne - Maitland's Cow
Shey Saint-Malo - Thalasso
Rebecca Raisin - Shades of Sienna
Debbie Stephan - Inside Knowledge
Peter Rondel - The Ace of Spades

Film Script

Ruth Stubbings - Delores
We can't wait to see you in August.
Yours sincerely,
The Editors.

Need a copy?
Stay tuned: There is an internaut working on the new website and exactly how you will be able to get copies of Regime 01. We'll email you about this, we promise. It's just that the interwebz takes forever to negotiate. We're also working on ways you can buy Regime 01 in an actual, real life book shop.
Find Us
Where we are: We have an office and you're welcome anytime. We're above our good friends at Fair Go Trading, 456 William Street, Perth. If no one's home, you can always spam Nathan Hondros on: or call: 0406 261 396. He won't be far away.

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