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Thursday, October 25, 2012

PERTH POEMAMBULISTS - These feet are made for walking ...

Introducing Perth Poemambulists

On the first Sunday of every month Perth Poemambulists will lead anyone who is interested on a two-hour walk to explore the physical environment of Perth, as a poetic, a poem, a poesy, a subject of thought: lyric and catastrophic, in its colours and textures, its histories and geographies, its waters and its drylands, its gladnesses and its failures.

Join us at 2pm on the first Sunday of every month in the Perth Cultural Centre amphitheatre outside PICA, 51 James Street, Perth. (The starting point may change as months go on.)

There will be a different agenda each month, but each month’s agenda is open to whatever disruption occurs, depending entirely on who turns up.

Bring whatever creative materials you want to work with: pen, paper, paint, cameras, vocal cords, musical instruments, whatever. Wear comfortable shoes.

On Sunday 4th November we will take a short walk concentrating on colour, form and texture.

Future walks will focus on art and architecture, history and murder, water and sand, and anything else that comes up.

FREE event.

For more information
08 9371 3791 or 08 9361 3280

Please feel free to distribute this information
to anyone you think may be interested.

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