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Friday, October 05, 2012

Regime 02; Hot Writing Wanted - Submissions Open NOW

But first, a growing family: Regime Magazine is thrilled to announce a new addition to the family. Acclaimed poet and writer Andrew Burke will be joining us as Contributing Editor. Andrew's stature as a major Australian poet is beyond question and at Regime Books we sit in awe of his work, always an inspiration to us. His volume of new and collected poetry, Undercover of Lightness, is out now from Walleah Press and his blog hi-spirits is a must for the poetically inclined. We're also looking forward to borrowing his jazz records with no intention of ever returning them!

With thanks: We couldn't be happier with Regime 01. Not only did we release into the wild some blistering-hot new writing from all over the country (and beyond), we scored some excellent reviews and sold a few books to boot. Thank you to everyone who contributed their work, to all the merry pranksters who came to the launch, and to our fine friends of good taste who parted with their hard earned bread to get the sultry feel of Regime Magazine in their hot little hands. If you missed out, a few copies are still available from our website right here.

"So if you got a trumpet...": Regime Magazine the Second is now open for business. We've already lined up some new work we're dying to print, along with a few surprises, but as ever we're looking for the best writing we can get our filthy hands on. We have a couple of options for submitting. Our preference is for electronic submissions, so please visit our submissions machine here: Also, you can mail submissions to the office.

We're going to bust a gut to get Regime 02 out by Christmas, so a word of warning: deadlines will be tight. We won't be accepting submissions after 26 October 2012. Time to get cracking! "So if you got a trumpet, get on your feet, brother, and blow it..."

Cash for comment: You'll see that we have opened a new category on the submissions machine. We were disappointed that we couldn't always offer a proper critique of submissions for Regime 01, so we are offering an in-depth page of our thoughts on your work for $20 (even if it is accepted for publication). Of course, we will still accept submissions without charge, but we won't be able to offer the feedback you might expect.

Don't forget Man and Beast: Also online is the book of short stories by Nathan Hondros & Damon Lockwood, called Man and Beast. If you're dying to find out who's the man and who's the beast, you'll have to pick up a copy: Order Man and Beast.

Yours sincerely,

The Editors.

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