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Monday, February 04, 2013

US poets who emerged in the past 15 years ...

Well, I'm feeling like an old-fashioned ignoramus today after reading this post from Roddy Lumsden, poet and poetry commssioning editor at London's SALT Publishing:


[I] Start teaching a new course tomorrow on US poets who emerged in the past 15 years. Here's who we will be focussing on, after a lot of head scratching: Craig Arnold / David Biespiel / Adrian Blevins / Gabrielle Calvocoressi / Darcey Dennigan / Sarah Gridley / Matthea Harvey / Terrance Hayes / Noelle Kocot / Cate Marvin / Chelsey Minnis / Ange Mlinko / Meghan O'Rourke / Kathleen Ossip / Kiki Petrosino / DA Powell / Atsuro Riley / Brenda Shaughnessy


I [Andrew] can only hope the majority of them  can be find after a search on the Internet.

It would be a long list in Australian poetry, wouldn't it. The last 15 years has seen a growth spurt in Aussie poets and an explosion in 'live' readings.

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Rosanne Dingli said...

They beat dead readings.

The explosion is nothing but a phase - there is a natural generational fascination/disinterest cycle.