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Friday, June 14, 2013

It's a freebie, so enjoy ...

off facebook's Samuel Beckett site:

Think you might be up for a bit of light-yet-highbrow Beckettojoycean amusement and suspense? Try this satirical murder mystery by Stephen Bond. It stars a young Samuel Beckett (huh?) and is based on Bond's half a decade meticulous research into the role of Descartes chez Joyce and Beckett. Bond situates Beckett in Paris in 1930 writing 'Whoroscope,' reading Ulysses, conversing with Joyce, and trying to solve the murder mystery of Jean du Chas for good luck. It's a freebee Kindle, can't go wrong with it. Download it on Amazon (Ulysses 2 Murder in Paris, Steven Bond).

editor: Which Ste(ph)(v)en is which ? :-)

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