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Thursday, June 20, 2013

poets and poetry

"To a gentleman publisher of the nineteenth century—the only kind likely to be found then—publishing houses today would appear downright Martian. From the newly forged corporate realms of the past decades to tiny independent outposts scattered around the nation, the publishing trade has undergone formerly inconceivable changes. Walt Whitman, who published his own masterpiece Leaves of Grass in several editions (and is known to have written glowing reviews of it under various pseudonyms), would be delighted with the many opportunities for personal publishing appearing with the advent of print-on-demand and e-book technology. Likewise, it is not impossible to imagine Emily Dickinson posting poems on her own website, perhaps anonymously. Here at Bold Type we embrace these changes, and hope to harness the power of technology to bring poetry to a wider audience.

"Bold Type offers exclusive interviews, archival and contemporary recordings, poems, and short essays written by our Poetry Editor, Ernest HilbertBold Type, one of the most widely read literary magazines in the world, also publishes emerging poets from independent presses around America. Check back each month for new poets, and explore the rest of the site for more exciting fiction and non-fiction from some of today's best writers."

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