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Sunday, September 22, 2013

from Melbourne Airport ...

Sitting in a little bar at Melbourne airport, having A grade fish'n'chips, my wife drinking champagne - it's a tough life.  We've suffered a security alarm and a pack of children but all is calm now. People flashing cameras at people going and coming. We're waiting here for hours between flights. I thought I was hallucinating for a moment when I saw a bird fly through at bar stool height. But it was real! A little finch or swallow or somesuch - a small fist of a bird with light tan wings and an inquisitive beak. He perched on the back of a bar stool for a minute but nobody served him. So he flew off, searching for a more favourable barkeep elsewhere. Good luck, mate, we'll be flying too before too long.

Nothing much to say, except see you soon - like, tomorrow when I can download photos etc.

Will somebody please see to those children?! Their crying is driving me bonkers!

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