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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ghazal - by Maulana Hasrat Mohani

Chupke, Chukpke Raat Din by Maulana hasrat Mohani


By Maulana Hasrat Mohani

Silently, silently, crying day and night – I still remember
All those days of our love – I still remember 
With a thousand worries and even more fondness
I felt that first spark of love – I still remember 
At our first meeting when I was instantly taken
By the shy way you bit your finger – I still remember 
The time I yanked aside the curtain
And you hid behind your scarf – I still remember 
In the heat of the afternoon you tiptoed barefoot
Across the terrace and called to me – I still remember
Dodging every stranger’s glance and everyone’s wishes
You stole away at night – I still remember
That evening when the mere thought of separating
Made the tears pass from your eyes to mine – I still remember
And the place where you came to meet me, secretly, so secretly
And so long ago – but I still remember
At the moment of our parting, you said goodbye
With your lips dry and trembling – I still remember 
In spite of all your claims of piety, Hasrat,
That time of desire – I still remember
Translation from the UrduBy Hamida Banu Chopra, Nasreen Chopra, and Zack Rogow

Full essay on how the team translated this ghazal is HERE

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