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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'Testimony' by SANDY EVANS with words by Yusef Komumyakaa

Sandy Evans Testimony
Apr 16, 2014 Updated Apr 30, 2014
It's International Jazz Day...! ABC Jazz is celebrating this annual event with a special broadcast of Sandy Evans' tribute to Charlie Parker, with an all star line-up of musicians. Hear it tonight at 9pm.
International Jazz Day is an initiative set up by Herbie Hancock in 2012 as part of his role as a UNESCO ‘Ambassador for Jazz’.  Our 2014 contribution is a special broadcast of the work Testimony, composed by one of Australia’s favourite jazz musicians, Sandy Evans.
This piece is a tribute to life and music of Charlie Parker and was originally recorded by the ABC in 1999.  It features the leading figures in Australian jazz, most notably the departed Bernie McGann, Jackie Orszaczky and Joe “bebop” Lane, and also includes the words of US poet Yesef Komunyakka and a performance by US musicians Kurt Elling and Laurence Hobgood.
Enjoy this special International Jazz Day broadcast:  April 30th 2014 at 9pm Australian Eastern Time.  
ABC Jazz is available in Australia on Digital Radio, TV and the ABC Mobile App and online internationally at

Compositions: Sandy Evans (except as indicated below)
Words: Yusef Komunyakaa

Part I

1. 'Testimony Overture'
2. 'Boxcars'
3. 'Chicken Shack Part 1'
4. 'Chicken Shack Part 2'
5. 'Purple Dress'
6. 'Deep South'
7. 'A Day Like Today'
8. 'Abel And Cain'
9. 'Black Cockatoo'
10. Camarillo Part 1'
11. 'Camarillo Part 2'

Part II

1. 'Addie's Boy'
2. 'Pree's Funeral Song'
3. 'Barrow Street'
4. 'Moose The Mooche'
5. 'A Soft Touch For Strings'
6. 'Baroness Pannonica'
7. 'Testimony Finale'
8. 'Testimony Coda'

Musicians performing in Testimony    

Sandy Evans (tenor, flute)
Bernie Mc Gann (alto)
Paul Cutlan (bass clarinet, alto)
Casey Greene (baritone, flute)
Warwick Alder
Bob Coassin
James Greening
Jeremy Sawkins
Dave Brewer
Piano and Keyboards
Chuck Yates
Alister Spence
Lloyd Swanton
Steve Elphick
Jonathan Zwartz
Drums and Percussion
Allan Turnbull
Hamish Stuart
Fabian Hevia
Simon Barker
Kristen Cornwell
Kate Swadling
Jackie Orszaczky
Toni Allayialis
Tanya Sparke
Pamela Knowles
Tina Harrod
Joe Lane
Michele Morgan
Lily Dior
John Rodgers
International guests
Kurt Elling; vocal
Laurence Hobgood; Piano
Michael Edward-Stevens; narration

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