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Saturday, August 30, 2014

$275 Hong Kong: What's that in real money?

Li Young Lee, poet and scholar

HK University Press 2014 Poetry Prize

The Hong Kong University School of English Creative Writing Studio and HKU Press announce the 2014 International Poetry Prize for an unpublished first collection written in English. Li-young Lee will be the final judge and the prize will include HK$2500 and publication of the collection. The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2014 and the winner will be announced in January 2015.

There is an administrative fee of HK$275 - but bear in mind that in inviting submissions from anywhere in the world, there will be a lot of administration and reading to do! We know that some prizes exist to generate income for the entity making the award, but that's not the case here.
Details of previous awards are available here: HKU Poetry Prize 2012 and HKU Poetry Prize 2010

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