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Monday, August 18, 2014

Submission to Cordite 49: OBSOLETE Open!


August 2014

Tracy Ryan in Western Australia
Poetry for Cordite 49: OBSOLETE is guest-edited by Tracy Ryan
What is obsolete? Are you obsolete … or do you fear becoming so? Can a poem, approach, or critical view become obsolete? Obsolete for whom and why, and who defines obsolete?
‘Old’ meanings fall into disuse: where do they go? Will your words be archaic, superseded, disused? Obsolete like a theory, like a species, like a vestigial organ or muscle. If you look into or after the obsolete, does that make you nostalgic or Luddite or Romantic? Is bigger-smaller-faster-easier always better? The sting in the accusation: outdated, passé – why? Obsolete in style, a matter of surface aesthetics, or obsolete in system, no longer compatible and forcing new choices, new purchases, pressures to spend, engendering envy. Any poetic interpretations of this theme will be considered.
Do you want to keep up?

Please submit only once, with a maximum of three (3) poems in one document (1) … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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