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Monday, September 22, 2014

Call for Submissions into International Poetry Exhibition and Anthology

Dear Poet,

from 8th to 31st October the international exhibition OLE.01 will take place at Royal Palace in Naples; I will exhibit there the interactive installation “Big Splash”, which consists of digital photography on the theme of water + poems from around the world. You are invited to participate in the network of poets with a poem on the topic of water and / or motion / movement; the poem will be shown in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. A selection of submitted poems will be included in an anthology and all submitted material will be posted on the blog of the event. Join by sending your poem in a .doc document (the text must be included in a single A4 page), indicating your name at the bottom. Send your poem as soon as possible to the e-mail account davinio[at]tin[dot]it if you want it to be exhibited/read in the Doric Room of the Royal Palace on the opening day, on October 8th! Waiting for you!
Caterina Davino

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