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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

UWA Press New Releases



Plants, poetry, and prizes

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Our new books this month differ broadly from each other but are all tied inextricably to Australian life, art, and landscape. From the warm subtleties of modern Australian poetics, to the plants of the southwest coast, and to the genius of a lost poet.
In Collected Poems: Lesbia Harford we re-discover one of the finest poetic voices Australia has seen. Harford saw little acclaim in her lifetime and died tragically young, however she left behind some of Australia's finest lyric poems.
South in the World is award-winning poet Lisa Jacobson’s latest offering. This enchanting volume is a dialogue between the earthly and the ethereal, body and spirit – the poles by which we navigate the world.
Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia: A global biodiversity hotspotis the result of the diligent research and fieldwork of Australia’s top plant biologists. Collected and edited by Hans Lambers, this book is a must have for any plant scientist or enthusiast.

For poems and the full introduction to 
Lesbia Harford's COLLECTED POEMS, go HERE

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