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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

POETICA Around Australia - from ABC Radio National

mage: Before the continent was traversed by white explorers, there was a commonly held belief among Australia's early colonists that an inland sea must exist in such a large land mass. This map was created in 1827 by Thomas J Maslen.

For this show, producer Mike Ladd read his way through 95 new Australian poetry books published in the last year or so. He says, "I favoured poems that looked out as well as in, captured a time and a place, embraced a wider politics, gave you something to feel beyond the default melancholy mode, but also something to think about; poems with wit and social comment. Also, some very polished, even beautiful writing, remains a page phenomenon, but radio is a sound medium; the poems have to communicate on being heard, not by being studied on the page. This selection was made with that in mind."

Supporting Information

List of poems:
‘The Curtain’ by Nathan Curnow from Radar, Walleah Press
‘The Catch’ by Andy Kissane from Radiance, Puncher and Wattmann
‘Tinned Pears and Dove Soap’ by Susan Austin from Undertow, Walleah Press
‘Love on a Brick’ by Tim Thorne from The Unspeak Poems and other verses, Walleah Press 
‘Outhouse Haiku’ by Andrew Lansdown from Inadvertent Things, Walleah Press
‘At A Famine Graveyard’ by Diane Fahey from The Stone Garden, Clouds of Magellan
‘Welcome’ by Tony Lintermans from weather walks in, Hybrid Publishers
‘Baby’ and ‘Miscarriage’ by Lucy Williams from internal weather, Walleah Press
‘A Farm Gate’ by Paul Magee from Stone Postcard, John Leonard Press
‘Regulator’ by Benjamin Dodds from Regulator, Puncher and Wattmann
‘Wireless’ by Todd Turner from Woodsmoke, Black Pepper
‘Double Glaze’ by Steve Brock from Double Glaze, Five Islands Press
‘Julia Gillard Observes Christmas’ and ‘Just So’ by Sandra Thibodeaux from Dirty H2O,Mulla Mulla Press
‘Port’ by Sarah Day  from Tempo, Puncher and Wattmann
‘How to Stop Writing’ by Paul Mitchell from Standard Variation, Walleah Press
‘Jit’ by Benedict Andrews from lens flare, Pitt Street Poetry
‘Birthbed’ by Annamaria Weldon from The Lake’s Apprentice, UWA Publishing

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