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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Arthur Boyd Exhibition in National Gallery, Canberra

Read the Daily Review's review here of 


Time, Bob Dylan groused, is a jet plane — it moves too fast.
We saw the Arthur Boyd show in Canberra shortly after it opened in early September, and it’s already mid-October. It’s children who get to travel time on a boat, for them a frustrating and stately pace, while adults get seated on faster and faster jets the closer they get to their final destination. We’re not waiting for Godot, we’re screaming helter skelter into his arms.
On the left, the well-known self-portrait at 17 (in the show); and the self-portrait at 65, which seems predicted by the teenage picture. Even at 17 Boyd looks like he had already boarded the jet.

Notes: The excellent website of the exhibition where you can view all the pictures via the “Galleries” tab. (But they are not very big to look at, alas.)

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